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lewa wildlife conservancy 8In addition to protecting the native wildlife and habitat of its 62,000 acres, the Conservancy is known for its outstanding success in fostering the recovery of the nearly extinct Black Rhino as well as the endangered Grevy’s Zebra and reticulated Giraffe. The Conservancy is also an important refuge for Elephants, several herds of which make Lewa part of their home range. Lewa’s enlightened approach to conservation includes supporting and involving the local community through employment, education and health care. Over the years Lewa's programs have transformed the lives of thousands from the adjoining communities. Today, Lewa supports 21 schools, 10 water projects, four clinics, a women's micro credit program. Support for Lewa, therefore, not only helps to protect wildlife but also improves the quality of life for an ever increasing number of people.

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Taking a Safari on Lewa is a great way to help protect its treasures while making memories to last a lifetime. For more information about Lewa and its various accommodations please visit: www.lewa.org

We have stayed at Lewa’s "Wilderness Trails" as well as "Lewa House" and enjoyed our visits immensely. Lewa's natural beauty and wildlife viewing opportunities are outstanding and we highly recommend a stay at Lewa to anyone who plans to visit Kenya for a photo safari or vacation.


The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is an award-winning catalyst and model for community conservation, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and features on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's Green List of successful protected areas.

Lewa is the heart of wildlife conservation, sustainable development and responsible tourism in northern Kenya and our successful working model has provided the framework on which many conservation organizations in the region are based. www.lewa.org

View a short video clip of Lewa and its denizens below

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