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IFAW: The International Fund for Animal Welfare

IFAW is dedicated to animals and people thriving together. Their experts work on behalf of Animals - both wild and domesticated - around the world. In 2014, while in E. Africa, we became aware of IFAW's efforts on behalf of Elephants and other wildlife there. Later we discovered that IFAW is active in many far-flung places, in India's Assam region and Kaziranga Park - on behalf of Asian Elephants and the one-horned Rhino - in Zambia to rescue orphaned Elephants and many other locations. IFAW has in fact projects in 40 countries including North America where protection of wildlife is also sorely needed of course. IFAW's many faceted work includes Wildlife, Landscape and Marine Conservation, fighting Wildlife Crime such as poaching, Animal rescue - often due to natural disasters, like the recent US Hurricanes and Floods. MKF has been an IFAW supporter for a few years now but we were particularly happy with our decision to add IFAW to our recipients, when we saw IFAW's compassionate work for the hundreds and hundreds of Animal victims, Dogs, Cats, Horses and more, after the horrific Camp Fire in California, our home state. It seems no matter where in the world Animals are in need and the cry for help goes out, IFAW is ready to spring into action and bring relief and comfort to the helpless and innocent. Because of all of the above and more, MKF will continue to proudly support this inspiring organization and its devoted people.

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You can learn much, much more about IFAW's work and mission at: www.IFAW.org

Zimbabwe Eles Matabele Kukurakura Before Rewilding

Zimbabwe Eles Matabele Kukurakura Before Rewilding

The Maue Kay Foundation is a non profit 501(c) (3) charitable foundation formed in 2004 by John Kay and Jutta Maue Kay supports individuals and organizations engaged in the protection of WILDLIFE, THE ENVIRONMENT and HUMAN RIGHTS