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The end of an era & a new beginning

On October 14, 2018 John Kay & Steppenwolf gave their last performance.
It had been 50 years since the band’s first album was released and JK felt that now was a good time for The Wolf to retire. This despite that the primary reason for the  band’s touring  - during these last 10 years - was to provide continued funding for the Maue Kay Foundation. With that source of financial assistance now no longer available JK is preparing a new project titled:                  
              “BORN TO BE WILD: From Rock Star to Wildlife Advocate”
              John Kay of Steppenwolf and his journey of transformation
It is a multi-media presentation featuring JK narrating his life story and the history of Steppenwolf and his recollections of how his passion for wildlife protection came to be. If you’re familiar with TED Talks, then picture a similar presentation except this one is about hour and fifteen minutes long. While its aim is to entertain and to inform, the presentation’s primary purpose is to raise awareness and to generate funding for MKF. The project is still in development but plans are for a launch in 2019 with the presentation to be shown at a variety of venues such as Performing Arts Centers etc.
We will update this posting once BTBW dates and details become available.
Until then. Stay wild: JK & JMK