BORN TO BE WILD: From Rock Star to Wildlife Advocate

As mentioned in previous ‘Notes’, John Kay’s ‘BORN TO BE WILD’ in-person presentations - intended as fundraisers for MKF - were canceled due to Covid. Consequently, JK has created & narrated a 65-minute HD film of the presentation which can be purchased from this site for $15. Just think, no time lost driving to a Theater, no parking fees, no high-ticket prices, just fifteen dollars for viewing – by yourself, or with family and friends - an engaging story from the comfort of your place of choice. But wait, there’s more. Your 15 Dollars - or more if you so choose - will help MKF to continue supporting the Wildlife Defenders who, now more than ever, need every Dollar for their crucial and demanding work. To learn more about the film’s content & stories please view the FILM TRAILER


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Born To Be Wild IMAX

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