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"Inherit The Dust"

We recently received "Inherit The Dust" a deeply affecting book of images by photographer Nick Brandt. It is the final sequel to the trilogy of his previous books  "On This Earth" - "A Shadow Falls" - "Across The Ravaged Land" which contain stunning, unsurpassed portraits - shot between 2000 and 2012 - of Africa's vanishing wildlife, in what was then still natural habitat. In 2014 Nick returned to Africa and erected - in the same, by now devastated, shooting locations - enormous, printed panels of the animal photos featured in these books. He then photographed the resulting incongruous, disturbing settings, which comprise the images of "Inherit The Dust". To see these big as life images of Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Chimpanzees and others, placed in the same locations where these photos were taken a few years ago, locations which are now garbage dumps, factories and other degraded areas, mere words are inadequate to describe the visceral impact of viewing what once was, now is lost and continues to rapidly disappear. Nothing we have seen to date more powerfully illustrates the desperate need to protect what still remains of the natural world and its wildlife. As co-founder of BIG LIFE, which of course is all about conservation, Nick Brandt is acutely aware of this and is doing more than his share to stem the tide. Please visit on your computer - the small screens of mobile devices can't do the images justice - and view these poignant images yourself for merely describing them is wholly inadequate. If you are deeply affected by the viewing - as we believe you will be - then please send the link to your friends and contacts so that this important work has a chance of forging greater public awareness of the rapid, ongoing destruction and urgent need of support for those fighting to protect what remains of our natural world and its wildlife.    JK & JMK