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Born To Be Wild IMAX

Born To Be Wild, indeed. Weeks ago we were informed that Warner Brothers was shooting an IMAX film in 3D titled "Born To Be Wild" about 2 truly outstanding people and their life long work, namely Dame Daphne Sheldrick of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya and Dr. Birute Galdikas of the Orangutan Foundation International in Borneo, Indonesia. Dame Daphne and her helpers have rescued, raised and reintroduced back in into the wild over 100 orphaned baby elephants, while Dr. Birute and her staff have done the same with untold orphaned baby Orangutans. Our foundation has been supporting both of these projects, so we were delighted to learn that this film will now bring the remarkable work of these two women to the attention of the greater public. You can view a trailer of the film, which is narrated by Morgan Freeman and additional clips of the making of the film etc. at: 48 hours after being notified about the production of the film, we were contacted by Science North: who's David Lickley it turned out, is the director of the BTBW film, but Science North's inquiry concerned a major fund raising event and not the film. After learning about the conservation related work done by and at Science North - which brings thousands of people and particularly children through its doors every year - Jutta and I agreed to participate in the planned event. Making people aware of the need to protect our global natural treasures is paramount, if we hope to preserve what is left and Science North does an admirable job of doing just that. So last Saturday, following a gala dinner, I spoke about related matters on behalf of our foundation, while Jutta's wildlife and foundation project images were projected to illustrate my points. Afterwards I joined four fine local musicians who had donated their time and talent to learn several Steppenwolf songs which we performed together for a crowd of post dinner guests and those who came to only attend the fund raising party. I believe a fine time was had by all, including Jutta and myself, but most importantly much needed funds were raised to enable Science North to continue its crucial work. In May we'll meet Dr. Birute Galdikas and learn more about her work with the over 300 orphaned baby Orangutans that she and OFI are currently nurturing at Camp Leakey in Borneo. We will then post our report. JK & JMK

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